Friday, July 29, 2011

Purple Fronds

This piece is a commissioned work based on my painting "Fronds for Life". I met the purchaser at my art show in May and she contacted me to paint a Fronds painting for her mother using teal and turquoise.

Commissioning art is hard for the artist. We newbies can't charge much, in fact I've spent so much time on this painting by the time I receive payment I will have made approximately $2 an hour. But of course I'm not complaining. Gotta start somewhere!

I have learned a few things over the past year of accepting commissions:

1. If you don't know the buyer, ask for 30% down, that way if your piece is rejected you can at least cover your cost. (Haven't actually done this one yet but I will next time!)

2. Find out who is accepting the final project. Find out how many people must approve the final piece. If there is more than one person it will be HARD to get that painting perfect for everyone.

3. Have patience. The buyer is busy and this painting may be the center of the artists mind but it is probably not the center of the buyers mind.

4. Be prompt in completely the project. But not too prompt. If you finish a big piece too fast, the buyer might think they were ripped off some how.

5. Business cards. Hand them out to everyone you meet in the art world. Give extras to anyone who purchases your work so they can share you with their friends.

6. Have a day job.

Anyone have any advice about commissions? Getting more, getting paid, etc?