Monday, July 5, 2010

Au Natural

My children are very interested in why I drew a naked lady. "Because the human body is a work of art! Look at the lines, the curves, the symmetry!" I explained excitedly.

"But her boobies are showing."

Yes, her boobies are showing.

I drew this lounging woman one afternoon while I was lounging lazily. My agent in LA said they were looking for "modern" pieces, and to me that meant nudes.

Everybody is nude, or mostly nude now-a-day. Just go to the mall and look at all of the teenage girls walking around.

So I sketched this woman, thinking I would do an abstract charcoal form on a big piece of white paper. Put her in a silver frame and hang her on the bathroom wall and she would be all, like, modern and stuff.

Then I sketched a male form, also hiding his face and "parts". I gave him lots of muscles. Yum. It took me about six minutes to draw the man, about sixty to draw the woman. I guess I've had more practice looking at the male form, thanks to my yummy husband.

I decided to play around with some painting techniques with the naked chick so I just did a watercolor splatter thing on this first version. The male I will do in gray, black, and blues.

Unintentional gender stereotyping, I assure you.

I'm not sure I like the splattered red. Too violent or something. And her calves are too narrow.

What do you think??

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