Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cherries Jubilee

8" x 10" watercolor and pen on paper

This is my first entry for the Rookie Painter online art assignment. The reference photo was of four bing cherries looking all mouthwateringly juicy.

Maybe you can see the four cherries in my painting. Unless you're color-blind and then you may be in trouble.

For these online artist assignments, I've been trying to paint subjects that are out of my comfort zone. Since cherries aren't too far from my typical subject matter, I decided to paint these lovelies in a more abstract manner.

I like it. Maybe. When you've been painting in one style for ten years, and have never been taught to paint in any other style, it's hard to let go and do something different.

I feel a little "out there" with this painting.

But you never know. Sometimes when you step away from the norm you can find yourself in a whole better place.

Eating cherries, perhaps?


  1. Lots of imagination, very well executed and great color choice, a wonderful painting.

  2. Paula - I like this alot. You definitely went outside the box on this one & it worked perfectly! Great design, color, flow & movement. I agree with Horst, a wonderful painting!

  3. I love this one Paula. I can't wait to hear about your future show. I know you will succeed above and beyond your highest expectations.