Monday, October 25, 2010

Pie; Tomorrow

This month for Calypso Moon, we were assigned a Halloween themed painting. Well, two paintings. Both of Halloween, one without using a paintbrush/palette knife.

I only have time to do one this month, so here is my recipe for:

Halloween Pumpkin Non-Painting

9 x 12 piece of canvas paper
acrylic paints
painters tape
homemade stencil of pumpkin, cut into strips for form pumpkin sections
paper plates for palettes
plastic shopping bags

Draw the pumpkin on a stiff piece of paper, cut out pumpkin form. Cut pumpkin into strips. Cut out a stem shaped stencil. Using a plastic shopping bag balled up, bounce the colors together to achieve desired values. Pounce the the colors on the canvas, background first. When dry, tape off a straight edge for the table top. Apply table top colors. Let dry.

Using stencil, apply pumpkin colors with plastic bag. When dry, use pumpkin section strips to create high and low-lighted areas of the pumpkin.

Pounce in stem color.


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  1. Paula! I love this, both the art & the recipe! Really creative & wonderful! My hats off to you!

  2. Fantastic technique, great texture! I Really like the plastic shopping bag paint application idea. You surprised me with that one. Nice color variations too.

  3. This technique is good for accomplishing a realistic faux marble. Using black and white pounced over a gray background, you can drag a paintbrush end or toothpick to remove some paint to achieve some grains in the marble.

  4. Paula, you created a wonderful texture with this technique, thanks for sharing your recipe.