Monday, October 4, 2010

Rollin On the River

"Rollin' On the River"

11" x 14" watercolor and ink on paper

This is my submission to the Rookie Painter art assignment. The reference photo was of four leaves that were on a flat white background with shadows. The other submissions for this assignment have been spectacular in the originality and license each artist took for the project. I decided to make mine more a mix of abstract realism.

I am completely making up that term. Can realism be abstract?

Check out the other submissions over at The Rookie Painter. I never knew browning leaves could be so artistic and stunning!

(Funny story. Paige who is in first grade, came home with an assignment from school to collect "fall things" from our yard. Um, we live in an apartment in San Antonio. It's 85 degrees. We have non-desiduous oak trees. And purple sage.

Those poor teachers trying to do fall crafts without any fall things! We did the best we could by collecting acorns, though they were still green and on the trees, and picking a few of the mature red leaves from the red tip shrub outside our door.

Welcome to fall in San Antonio!)

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  1. Paula, I really like your take on this subject. That background is captivating. And I love the story. I remember having to collect fall things in the yard for school also, but we had the colored leaves to find. Without them, I'm not sure what I could find - and 85 degrees doesn't really put me in the "fall" mood either! LOL

  2. Nice Paula! I LOVE the rolling blue river!

  3. Nice painting. I like your treatment of these leaves- it is like they are either floating on water or in the wind. Very creative.

  4. I've admired a few different versions of those leaves. I'm amazed at how much your abstract river seems to flow.

    It sounds like you did a good job with the "fall things" homework. Heaven help the children with less creative parents.

  5. Good job! The leaves look three-dimensional. The river is an interesting concept - very inventive!

  6. I like your interpretation, Paula, and your waves!