Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Be Free, Dandelion"

"Be Free, Dandelion!"

12" x 36" x 2" acrylic on canvas

Now that I've sorta kinda gotten the hang of painting sorta kinda decent clouds, I've decided to use them as my central theme for my art show in May. You see, in Del Rio the sky is vast, an immense blue blanket thrown over the top of your everyday life. It's stunning in it's depth of color, immense space, and limitless freedom.

And don't forget the clouds! Though Del Rio is a desert, the sky holds a lot of moisture in these spectacular cloud formations that seem to go on forever.

"Look, Mom! A starfish! Look! A hippo! Over there! A Parasaurolophus!"

I'm also going with the freedom thing as another side theme. I love the idea of flying; flying away, flying towards...

"I'll fly away Old Glory,
I'll fly away,
When I die, hallelujah by and by,
I'll fly away!"

Here's a closer look of the dandelion. (There is a strange yellow hue on the bottom of this shot that does not exist on the actually painting.)


...and closest!

It's really hard to get the scope of this painting from these cropped images. The color washes out, the subject goes out of focus, and the whole thing looks kind of blah.

So I included a picture of the painting on my sad, yellow wall. I painted the edge of the canvas an espresso brown that acts as a kind of frame.

1 down, 6554 to go!

Next up, lightning bugs!


  1. Perfect size for this composition, love the concept. You have indeed gotten the knack of painting clouds & I suspect you'll be an expert when you've finished. 6554 to go! wow!

  2. Great idea, beautiful painting. Looking forward to the next 6554.

  3. can you send me some info on how much you are selling your paintings for? thanks! They are beautiful!!

  4. can you send me the price of this picture please? thanks!