Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"One for the Road"

"One for the Road"

18" x 24" x 1 5/8" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

This is my next completed piece for my art gallery exhibit scheduled for May 2011. I'm really enjoying doing these cloud paintings. I love how you get the details of the close-up object with the huge puffy clouds in the background.

I chose a Monarch butterfly because Del Rio is one stop of many in the great yearly Monarch migration. Del Rio is kind of on the edge of their migratory channel so we don't get overrun with them, but when they're coming through the front of your car will be redecorated with orange and red smears.

It's gross. And sad. But mostly gross.

My next few paintings will be different in style and application. I will be doing some abstract art that I have learned and enjoy to do for it's freehand styling.

And use of a spray bottle.

One can't flourish a spray bottle with enough flair. It's fantastically fun!

I'm happy with the end result of the butterfly, especially the three dimenionality of the wings. I'm not even sure I meant to do that.

I'm finding that shading lighting is getting easier and easier. I don't have to think about what to paint or how to paint something to get the shadows or highlights I want. My hand just seems to know what to do. Maybe it's the brush. But whatever it is I like it!

Isn't this color just luscious? I could swim in it, or eat it. Maybe both!


  1. Gorgeous color Paula! I agree, I could swim (or eat) it! Great work you've been doing of late, love the clouds. Look forward to seeing your abstract work. Sounds like you are having fun! That's a good thing!

  2. Your paintings just get better and better, Paula. Your mastery of sky and clouds is awesome! I love the butterfly - I think his legs may be a tad too long, but that's all the critique I could find! I like your background here, too. Very colorful and fall-like! Go Paula!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I always enjoy painting, and writing, and writing about painting. Maybe I need to paint about writing?

    As for the butterfly's legs, I actually shortened them from the reference photo I was getting "inspiration" from. Funny how we thought the same thing....?

    (Or not!)

  4. Beautiful work Paula.Lovely details on the wings of butterfly and the color gives a beautiful contrast against the sky.

  5. It looks amazing! I like what you said about the shading getting easier. I remember when I used to paint and really got into the groove, it was like I could do no wrong. Of course it's been years now, so I couldn't paint anything to save my life anymore ;) Keep it up!

  6. Beautiful picture. I thought the butterfly and flower was a photograph and you filled in with the clouds. Beautifully done!