Friday, January 28, 2011

Daisy Dance Line

"Daisy Dance Line"

20" x 24" x 1.4" Acrylic on Gallery-wrapped canvas

I completed this painting for January's Calypso Moon Artist Movement challenge. Last month we were tasked with creating a website, opening an store, or other online avenue in which to sell our art. Done.

Next, we were to create a painting and put it up for sale on our chosen sales arena. I have a website for my art,, and this blog that I am listing this painting for sale. (I also have an etsy shop but it is empty right now. One day soon I'll get it going again.)

I came up with this idea from a painting I saw in a restaurant of abstract horses on a black background. Don't ask me how I got from horses to blue daisies. I really wanted to experiment using a black background and painting backwards, dark to light, but this didn't really end up that way. Sometimes when you have one idea for a painting, another sneaky idea will pop into your head and completely take over. Like mold. Or cellulite.

But prettier!

It took me quiet a while to paint this simply because of the small brushwork. But it's fun, colorful, and really adds a lot of color, drama, and POP to an otherwise boring wall!

Happy blue daisies everyone!

(Look for my art at The Firehouse; the home of the Del Rio Council for the Arts. My show will be the entire month of May, with an open-house and meet-and-greet the artist, ME!, on the first Friday of May.

Oh, and wine and cheese will be served. See you there!)


  1. Terrific work Paula! And so intricate - doing all those petals with different shades of the blue. Wow, I bet this took some time, but it is well worth it - beautiful outcome. Good luck with the sale!

  2. This is so beautiful Paula.It does look laborious.Wish you luck with the sale of this piece.