Friday, February 11, 2011

My Favorite Painting

Over the years, I have painted many, many, oh so many paintings. Many I have given away to family and friends, a few I have sold, and most I have kept. Some hang on my walls, others are waiting for their day in the sun, as it were.

But of all of the paintings in my house, this one of the grapes is my favorite.

I love the abstract quality of the grapes; the mound of fruit with only a few grapes defined by shape and color. I love the multiple hues of brown, orange, and black in the bowl. I love the way the grapes hang asymmetrically off the bowl, but only slightly so. I love the shadows on the bowl and grapes. I love the purpley-blues.

I love that this painting was not done by me but by a really good friend of mine.

I love that this friend is also my daughter.

I love that my daughter painted this using Crayola watercolor paints.

I love that my daughter was only 5 years old when she painted this.

What's not to love?

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