Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Calypso Moon for June

This month for the Calypso Moon Artist Movement assignment, we were to paint light from darkness:

"There is something mystical and inviting about the illumination of light in darkness. I’m sure many of you already have a favorite night scene image in your mind. This month’s challenge will be about capturing the glow that appeals to your senses. Be dramatic. Use whatever light source(s) you desire.Sometimes what your eye sees is not what's directly in front, but behind. Backlighting can be dramatic and surreal."

Without the shadows there can be no light. Without the dark how would we know what is light?

This is a 10" x 13" gouache on watercolor paper.

Two of my favorite people with some of my favorite animals.

(I think it's awesome how it looks like the dolphin is giving my husband, Jerry, a kiss and a high five! Totally unintentional as my photography skills are so poor!)


  1. Wonderful Paula how you approached the challenge. Excellent painting :)

  2. Love your dark into light effect. The colors are so soothing, very nice painting!

  3. This is a beautiful and unusual image.

  4. This is beautiful and surprising. It also had the added benefit of evoking memories of my childhood visits to the aquarium.

  5. Not only is this an excellent example of the CMAM Challenge, it is beautifully done.