Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paint and Draw Together

"Last Berry Standing"

Here is a recent submission for Paint and Draw Together, an online artist group. I've been finding more and more groups to participate in; if only I had more time to paint!

This 9" x 12" gouache is entitled "Last Berry Standing" and was painted on watercolor paper.

I typically lose myself in the details when I paint. But since I don't have as much, or any, time lately but still have that need down in my bones to paint regularly, I've been trying to let some of the details go.

The photograph this painting is taken from is rich with details. You can see it by clicking here. I knew I wanted to paint for this group but also knew I would never have the time to get all the details right.

A great time to let go.

This berry reminds me of the times my children and I have binged on strawberries. The juice starts flying around, our fingers and mouths stained red, and tummies full. By the last strawberry, we're all too full to finish so there's always one lonely berry left.

But don't feel to bad for the berry. It only has minutes remaining.

Can't wait to see what's next on the agenda over at Paint and Draw Together.

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