Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coconut Palms

This is a painting I completed for The Virtual Paintout, another online artist group. I'm loving all of these great groups and challenges to participate in!

This particular challenge uses Google Streetview to help you find a great image to paint. Each month a different location is given and by going to Google Maps, you can explore that location using their new Streetview angle. It's this little yellow dude you can hover over the areal map and when you drop him in a location you get to "see" what he sees! Pretty cool!

You can follow this link to see what I "saw" with the help of my little Google guy in Hawaii:,-156.97506&spn=0.081694,0.363579&z=12&layer=c&cbll=21.070763,-156.975151&cbp=11,0,,0,5&photoid=po-8503495

This is a pen and watercolor painting measuring 11" x 14" painted on tracing paper.

If you've never watercolored on tracing paper you should try it! The paint does not adhere very well so you can blend and remove paint easily. The paint dries quickly but removes easily making blending and washes really fast. The texture of the tracing paper once it gets wet instantly adds depth to any painting.

I chose this image because I love coconut palms and because I liked it. It sang to me.

Wish I was there!


  1. What a wonderful view you found using Google. None of the beach scenes I could find would "sing" to me. :) Lovely painting, and the technique you used sounds intriguing. I haven't tried watercolors (yet), but may have to - love the look you achieved.

  2. Hi Paula, I love these trees so light and fresh. Screams beach.