Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mystery Me

This is my second attempt at a self-portrait for the Calypso Moon Artist Movement. The first one bugged me to no end. So much so that I HAD to try and make it not quite so awful.

I raised my hair line, lengthened my hair length, added some maroon streaks like I'm prone to do, made my nose less defined, darkened the whites of my eyes, and most importantly gave my floating head a body.

Of course my typical V-neck t-shirt.

It's still not me but at least this mystery woman doesn't give me the heebie-jeebies.

Whatcha think?

"Anyone But Me"

9"x 12" acrylic on paper

This is supposed to be me. I was supposed to draw or paint me for this months Calypso Moon Artist Movement assignment. I was supposed to use ROY G. BIV to give myself the whole spectrum of color.

I used all seven colors but used them to paint someone who is SO not me.

I tried. I really, really, really tried. I have been drawing and tweaking and correcting and erasing and going brain dead trying to get this woman to look like me. Apparently she is determined to be her own person.

Her mouth is mine, all small and narrow. Her nose is more narrow and not crooked like mine, but as the artist I am allowed certain licenses with my art and correcting my slightly crooked nose is one I will fight for. Her eyes are too small and weird but she has my eyebrows. The hair is weird, too but her roots are showing like me always do. Sorry, lady.

I did my best. I at least added all seven colors. Red in the lips and cheeks, inner corners of the eyes; orange in the skin and hair; yellow in the hair and surrounding the pupils; green above the eyes as shadow; blue in the eyes; indigo in the eyes; violet in the dark circles under the eyes from trying to get this assignment perfected.

Painting people and making them look just like their model is seriously hard, at least for me, the untrained. I'm sure there is some technique, or seven, that would help me but I don't know of any so I can only do what I can do.

Oh, and this mystery woman should thank me for deleting all of my wrinkles and age spots. I should be so lucky in the flesh....


  1. Paula, I laughed when I read your post and understand how painting yourself is difficult. We never see ourselves as others see us anyhow; but I think you've painted a very nice portrait. I love your comments!

  2. Yes, she looks SOMEWHAT like you; I think where you went wrong (and, believe me, a critic I should not be) is the long nose making your face longer than it is. BUT I've read over and over that portraits are the hardest to paint!! Over-all great job - hey, I knew it was you immediately!

  3. Paula. I love what you painted and I love what you wrote. I am spending this week getting caught up on my other challenges so I can sit and concentrate on this one. I am very nervous about it. I don't do people well. They never look like themselves so I'm sure my self portrait will look like some other woman too! I loved the part about removing the wrinkles. I have to remember that one. Good job meeting this tough challenge.

  4. Paula, your first one had a very hypnotic effect on the viewer. You did the right thing by grounding yourself and the longer hair is more dramatic. All of the improvements you made helped to strengthen your composition and allowed for easier movement. Those eyes are beautiful ! Your portrait style here has a vintage folk art charm quality to it that I like very much.

  5. I think you fixed the portrait well, especially by adding a body. The eyes are still very intense and a little unnerving. The skin has a beautiful texture and color, and looks very much alive. Thank you for your kind comment about my first portrait.

  6. just realized I did not let on how, I apologize. because I spent much time reading your various blogs, sometimes from the beginning, which amused me greatly, I feel I now know the whole family!
    But I saw a picture, the picture is like, the face is beautiful and expression will be good, I think. Bravo!