Thursday, September 9, 2010


"Give Me the Cookie"

9" x 12" acrylic

This is my submission for the current assignment at Paint and Draw Together. We were to use layering of a single color, in this case black, to achieve depth. And we were to try to achieve realistic fur.

I'm happy with the depth of color and the layering of white, gray, and black. Using undercoats of black was interesting and fun to do. The fur is too straight though for a poodle.

Or whatever type of dog this is.

When I tried to make the fur more curly is just came out like a bunch of snakes writhing around on a poor sweet puppy. So I decided to save the dog some wormy embarrassment and leave his fur straight.

I think he's still pretty durn cute, even without all of the kink.


  1. It's Buddy when he was a puppy! I recognized him instantly! I'm so glad (and so is Bud) that you have immortalized him in that way! I swear if you look at his pictures as a puppy, there he is! Well done, girl, well done!

  2. Such a cute puppy face! He looks like he's saying "please". Nice painting.