Wednesday, September 22, 2010



16" x 20" acrylic

This is a painting I completed for my nine year old nephew. When my niece asked for a dog park painting, my nephew piped up requesting an Air Force plane painting. An F-16, F-15, F-22 maybe?

Nope. He wanted a painting of a giant transport plane flying midair. I was surprised. Cargo planes normally don't get a lot of attention from nine year old boys when there are things like F-22's flying around the US.

This plane is a C-17 Globemaster. It can carry tanks, helicopters, troops, just about anything in it's gaping cargo hold. It is the second biggest plane in the Air Force, behind the C-5 Galaxy, aka Fat Fred.

Get it? Fat Fred and Barney.

I had to do some research on how to paint realistic clouds. I found an artist on youtube whose style I love. His website is if you want to check him out. I will be purchasing online classes from him sometime in the near future.

I'm satisfied how my clouds came out though there is definite room for improvement. They are viewed looking down on them like lucky duck pilots get to see them, unlike us Earthbound fools who can only look up or across at the clouds' beauty.

That's why I want to learn to fly. So I can watch my clouds from ABOVE instead of BELOW.

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  1. Super AWESOME!!! Looks SO real! The clouds are very realistic looking! Great job! Cole will absolutely LOVE it!