Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Missing Subject

This landscape needs something. There is a perfect spot, right there in the middle of the hill in the foreground. A perfect spot for..............something.

I need suggestions!!!

My original brainstorm was a red barn or school house type building.

But I don't know.

Maybe a windmill? A grazing horse? A burned out housewife running starkers through the grass screaming?

Please, PLEASE, pretty please with clouds on top give me a suggestion!!!!

I'd be much obliged.



  1. It looks like a Western plains landscape with the mountains in the back. To me, grazing sheep or antelope since they like those rolling, grassy plains.

  2. I like the idea of grazing sheep too - maybe a nice, odd number of them on the hill (3 or 5). Although the burned out housewife running starkers may be a very good idea also. LOL

  3. Great picture! It needs nothing - very contemplative - good grass and even better sky- peaceful and serene!

  4. I personally love dragon flies! But you may need some water with a dried out old log with springs in it for the dragon fies to rest on. I especially loved breeding season at my grandma's lake house, all colors were seen every spring & summer!