Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Gift for Grandma

I painted this orange half for my grandmother for Christmas. Every summer of my youth my sister and I would spend a month or so living the sweet life in the care of this wonderful woman.

A daily routine during these summer days was to enjoy an orange, eaten with one of her tiny collecting spoons of which she has hundreds. My sister and I would stand on tip toes and stare into her spoon cabinet, searching, searching for the perfect spoon to eat our perfect orange. One day it would be the New Zealand spoon, another day a spoon from D. C. No matter your mood she would have a spoon to match.

My grandmother is 88 now and just this past summer my kids enjoyed selecting "their" spoon from her collection to eat their orange halves. As did I.

When someone is 88, they don't need more stuff, more things to decide what to do with. So I painted her something I hope will mean something a little bit more. A thank you, in acrylics, for all of the love, memories, and oranges she has given me over the years.

I don't think she reads this blog, but if you do, Grandma, Merry Christmas! I love you!

(Oh, and I couldn't find an image of any spoon that I know for sure she has, so I made one up, using the Connecticut flag as my inspiration.)


  1. That's a great gift for your grandmother. I love that she used her spoon collection that way. I'll probably never see a spoon collection again without thinking about it.

  2. Paula I just loved it.Your grandmother would definitely love it.

  3. How very sweet of you to think of your Grandma that way. I wouldn't think that she reads this either, so why don't you make a copy of this picture with your comments so she can see for herself? She'd love it and would be so proud of you, as am I. You're a truly awesome person, Paula. You surely are....