Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow Globe Christmas

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow Globe!"

6" x 9" acrylic on canvas

This is my submission to the December Calypso Moon Artist Movement challenge. We were to paint a Christmas/Holiday card with the option of exchanging our cards with another artist from the challenge. This assignment worked out well as I was planning on doing a painting for our Christmas card this year anyway.

I got the idea to paint a snow globe from another contributor at CMAM. I loved the bright colors and simplicity of this snow globe I found for a buck at the Dollar Store.

I left the background white to make the painting stand out, but now it looks too washed out for a Christmas card. I may try to add a background if I can find time before the Christmas cards will need to go out.

My problem is that I do not have a very good camera or location to photograph my art so the images never come out nearly as well as the real thing. I always photograph my art outside in a neutral shaded spot or wait for an overcast day (kind of hard sometimes here in San Antonio), but even then the true feeling of the painting is lost.

I don't know how well this image will translate to paper. I'll take it to Kinko's later and see what they can do.

Any suggestions?


  1. Love this!! You are so talented! I wish you could share that with me:) YOU GO GIRL!!

  2. A perfect Christmas card Paula.The snowman looks so adorable!!I liked the white background in fact.
    Talking about photography, unfortunately I face the same problem when taking a photo of a painting.A number of trials and then I settle for one, but still the originality is lost.

  3. Love your snowglobe Christmas Card Paula. It is sooo cute. Don't know if you have a photo program or not - but Google's Picasa is free and in it you can correct color, values, etc.

  4. You don't need to do a thing to the background, Paula. If you do, it will spoil the simple beauty of the object - very, very cute, I may say! Well done - you keep getting better and better!

  5. This is wonderful. It's so well done and whimsical and sweet. I think the white background works visually but also kind of thematically: a world of snow within snow within snow.

  6. What a great carefree art blog Paula. great job and wonderful portrayals